Friday, 5 April 2013

Caps Lock

2 Inches...

Yes, 2 inches is all it takes to save you from looking like a complete and utter buffoon on your social network.

It is the amount of space it takes to reach from the centre of your keyboard and hit the caps lock button,  thus drastically reducing the annoyance level of whatever you are trying to say.

You’ll also notice that the excessive caps lock user mistake also goes hand in hand with another equally frustrating social media trend: the “way to many exclamation points in a row” trend.

Here’s an idea!!!! How about we all put on our big boy (or girl) pants and use our words to describe whatever we feel is important enough to merit a post… or at the very least, find a suitable emoticon.

Let’s look at a couple of examples shall we?

This one here isn’t even in a language I can understand, and it still bothers me. I hope she is saying, “MY CAPSLOCK BUTTON IS BROKEN!!!! I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO WRITE IN THIS UNCOUTH TONE!!!!”

Here, we have a shining example of excessive caps lock use, combined with the “way too many exclamation points” trend. A caps-locky post, linking to a caps-locky advertisment, that in turn, has spurred on a slew of caps-locky comments... though, I think the first one was meant ironically. Full marks awarded to that chap. 

Okay, that’s all for today folks. Remember everyone, 2 inches, that’s all it takes...


  1. All caps is definitely a no-no...check out this crazy facebook slip up...its all caps used in the worst way...

  2. Alex, wow! Eek... not good.


  3. Sounds like a headline I would have come up with... But seriously, horrible stuff though. For shame NBC, for shame.

  4. BUT SOMETIMES WHAT WE HAVE TO SHARE IS JUST SO DAMN IMPORTANT! haha yeah right. People are silly and annoying all at once. I wish more people would read your blog. Especially the newcomers to social media.

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