About Me

I’m Graham. And I'm a bit of a media junkie. I’ve been one for as long as I can remember and no doubt will continue to be one for as long as the good Lord allows. And like a true junkie, I’ll take whatever I can get my hands on to get my fix.

In my first year of university, a wonderful thing happened: a little social network called Facebook came along. Shortly thereafter, Twitter followed… allowing me to get my media fix anytime, anywhere and through a variety of media.

That being said, I’ve started this blog to discuss a burgeoning social trend: the all-too-familiar social media slip-up. We’ve all seen them, we all try to avoid them, and we are all entertained by them on a regular basis.

My goal with this blog will be to discuss these blunders, dissect them, and perhaps have a laugh along the way, all while providing enough insight to help both you and I avoid future fumbles.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is this chump's experience?

Well, I am currently a Public Relations post graduate student, I did my undergraduate degree in Communications and English Literature and have been riding the crest of the digital wave that is social media for over 6 years now.

By all means feel free to contact me at lowe0870@gmail.com if you’ve got something worth sharing… or for any other reason at all. 

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