Thursday, 24 January 2013

A quick note before we get the ball rolling...

I’ve been on Facebook, or "The Book" as I prefer to call it (I know, slightly biblical), since a time when if you mentioned it in polite conversation, people would look at you like you were from the moon.

Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter and a menagerie of other social media have become the norm, all while rapidly changing the way we communicate, make decisions and live our lives.

Along with these changes come a whole bevy of new lapses in judgement, senselessness, and flat out folly. I’ll be using examples from my own social networks, as well as others I come across while out scouring the net, as jump-off points for discussion on this blog.

No user profile will be safe from scrutiny, no company too large to belittle. But don’t worry, it will all be done in the service of the greater good.

So hold on, pay attention and please, please, please think before you post… because the concurrent beauty and drawback of social media is: you never know who might be watching.


  1. I feel like I should start blocking you from my Facebook page.... haha :) But, in all earnestness, I look forward to your judgment (of others, at least)

  2. Great topic! Many people have lost their jobs because of social media slips. In an age where privacy is dwindling away, it's important to have a clear idea of the ways social media can both help and hinder our own personal development. I think this blog will be informative, especially for students of PR.

  3. so excited for your first post...if we can see all the ways NOT to do things, we'll all be so much better informed when we enter the workplace and people look to us as social media experts!